The Ladybug Sisters

June 13, 2011

The Ladybug Sisters visit the LadyBug Shop!

Last week the LadyBug Shop had some very special guests. Mid-day last Wednesday four sisters arrived together, all wearing their special ladybug t-shirts that they had made themselves. Each t-shirt was a different color, with a large L and a ladybug on the front. And on the back they had written each of their nicknames. They were Joan Santa Maria (the “Good Sister” from Arizona), Cate Lanphier (the older “Bad Sister” from Florida), Ethel Manns (the younger “Bad Sister” from Pennsylvania and Delaware) and Peg Sodano (the “Baby Sister” from Pennsylvania). To compliment their attire they had painted their fingernails and toenails bright red with black dots.

And they brought with them their pets – a collection of small toy ladybugs that they had decked out in a variety of costumes they had made for them. The sisters gather once a year to spend time together and have a fun outing. A couple of years ago when they visited a casino they took along a toy ladybug to bring them luck. And that started a chain of events that led them to now consider themselves the ladybug sisters. They are a lively and fun group and we look forward to having them visit us again.

We love having visitors at the LadyBug Shop so please plan a trip and Come See Us.

The Ladybug Sisters' Pets

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