Fourth of July Celebration

June 25, 2008

This week the new Fourth of July Celebration Made in the USA Special Sale is on all Billy Jo Homewares items. The Billy Jo Homewares items include the Ladybug Kitchen Sink Strainer, Ladybug Kitchen Sink Stopper, Ladybug Strainer Gift Set, Ladybug Strainer and Stopper Gift Set and Ladybug Kitchen Magnet. Now through June 29th take advantage of these discounted prices! Billy Jo Homewares was started in 1996 and specializes in making quality and fun products in the USA. Other Ladybug Gifts Made in the USA include Ladybug Art for your Car, Tagasaurus Ladybug Leather Luggage Tag, all items by Palmetto Cat Designs including the Ladybug Luggage Tag, Ladybug Wall Clock, Ladybug Teapot Clock and Ladybug Magnetic Bookmarks.


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