Ladybugs from Texas

August 1, 2007

Three years ago I was BLESSED with my first grandchild, a little girl named Landrie. An original name I thought and one I didn’t know at the time would turn into “Ladybug”. I also have a young son who is of course, Landrie’s uncle. (only 13 months apart, but we have FUN!!!!) When both were much younger and learning to talk, my son couldn’t say Landrie but instead pronounced it Lannie or Lanie. That in turn started me calling her Lady and Lit’l Lady. One day my husband starting calling her “Ladybug” and it has stuck ever since. She wore a ladybug costume for her first Halloween (as her uncle was a bumblebee, too cute!!) and has spent the last couple of years collecting ladybug anything along with me, her “Nanny”. We are preparing now to decorate her new “big girl” room with the Ladybug theme, all in red, black, and white. Nanny has begun to appreciate this little bug now as it reminds me everytime of my little good luck charm brought to earth.
And of course, how excited was Nanny when I found your store. Thanks for all the goodies and ideas. Keep up the good work.

–D’Ann Lee



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