WELCOME to the LadyBug Shop!!

July 12, 2007

Welcome to the LadyBug Shop…where everything is ladybug! The LadyBug Shop features almost 500 ladybug themed gifts! Including ladybug jewelry, ladybug garden decor, ladybug apparel, ladybug baby supplies and gifts, ladybug cards, ladybug office accessories, ladybug kitchen decor, ladybug picture frames, ladybug toys and games, ladybug books, ladybug birthday party supplies, ladybug collectibles, Franz Ladybug Collection, ladybug home decor. There are so many things to mention that you need to visit http://www.ladybug-shop.com/ now to check it out!


One Response to “WELCOME to the LadyBug Shop!!”

  1. kassandra Says:

    hello, im new to your web sight ,and i was planning to do my kitchen with lady bugs,and i found that your sight was very helpful to me, but alot of the things that i really like are out of stock, and i was just wondering if they are out of stock for good ,or will you be getting some more of the same items at a later date? if you could get back to me it will be much appreciated!
    kassandra_g1330@yahoo.com thank you

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