Personalized Ladybug Ornaments

November 20, 2008

The New Personalized Ladybug Ornaments make the perfect gift this holiday season. Mark this special occassion by not only adding the name of the recipeint but also the year. The Personalized Ladybug Ornament is available in the Pink Ladybug Design and the Red Ladybug Design. Order your Personalized Ladybug Ornament and other Personalized Ladybug Gifts by December 10th to ensure you receive your items before Christmas. Other fun personalized ladybug gifts include the Personalized Ladybug Door Hanger, Personalized Small Ladybug Piggy Bank, Personalized Ladybug Rocking Chair, Personalized Ladybug Wall Clock and more!

October 1st is already here, and Halloween is fast approaching. Is your little one dressing up as a ladybug for Halloween? Why should all of the kids be the only ones having fun? Make your own ladybug antennae for Halloween. Simply start with a few of the basics you may have in your house already. Gather together a black or red ladybug head band, black or red pipe cleaners and cotton balls or pom poms. Use a hot glue gun or simply wrap the pipe cleaners around the head band. Then attach the pom pom to the end of each antennae, and you have an instant fun look for Halloween! Bought one of your kids the light up googly headbands they have at amusement parks? Repurpose it by taking of the ends and gluing on the pom poms!


LadyBug Shop offers a variety of Ladybug Costumes for Halloween. Including the Ladybug Cape Costume, Ladybug Vest Costume, Ladybug Infant Costume, Posh Ladybug Costume, and the Hot Pink Ladybug Costume. Don’t wait until the last minute! Order your Ladybug Halloween Costume and other Halloween gifts soon at LadyBug Shop, before they are all gone.

Beautiful Ladybug Sculpture

February 5, 2012

 The beautiful sculpture show here, which represents “a goddess of nature” is called “The Lady Bug”.
The artist who created the sculpture is Gabor Fulop, who is from Bulgaria. He used artificial resin to create the shapes and then painted each ladybug by hand The thousands of life size bugs (20,000 to be exact) were then glued to a model of the female form.
This unusual combinations of the tiny ladybug with the female form is striking due to the contrast of sizes, shapes and colors. The lady appears to holding a cluster of ladybugs which are flowing out of her hands.
A beautiful portfolio of photos of “The Lady Bug” can be seen at

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Ladybug Holiday Chocolates

November 20, 2011

Ladybug HOliday Chocolates

 What is small, round, has spots, brings luck and joy – and is delicious? Why ladybugs of course. However, you need to be careful that they are ladybug chocolates and not live ladybugs. We have read that the live ones have a very nasty, bitter taste. (But we have never tested this to see if it is true.)

With the upcoming holiday season, ladybug chocolates are a gift that you may want to consider. Here are a few recipes on the Web to choose from:

Lovely Ladybugs

Ladybug Truffles
Ladybug M&Ms

And if you don’t have time or want to make your own ladybug chocolates, you can order some from John & Kira’s in Philadelphia. They have beautifully packaged boxes of ladybugs chocolates just for the holiday season. Some of their beautiful ladybug chocolates are shown in the accompanying photo.

And if you want to combine your chocolate ladybugs with other types of ladybug gifts, the LadyBug Shop  has the world’s largest selection from which to choose some. Check out our “Top 20 Holiday Gifts”.

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Zoe STewart Delaware

The Twilight Ladybug Nighlight has been a Best Seller and great gift for several years, the Ladybug Shop is now carrying the NEW Pink Twilight Ladybug Nightlight by Cloud B. The adorable bright pink ladybug is a wonderful twist on an already perfect design.

If you are not already familar with the award winning Twilight Ladybug Nightlight, the Twilight Ladybug Nightlight makes bedtime fun and helps ease children’s fear of the dark by projecting a starry night sky onto their bedroom ceiling and walls. The stars and Ladybug shell illuminate in three magical colors, emerald green, ruby red, and sapphire blue, all with the touch of a button, to help children sleep easier. It even has a 45 minute automatic switch off. The Twilight Ladybug features a book to locate the constellations the ladybug projects. It requires 3AAA batteries which are included. The Twilight Ladybug is the perfect sleep companion for children of all ages!

New Pink Twilight Ladybug Nightlight by Cloud B

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The Ladybug Sisters

June 13, 2011

The Ladybug Sisters visit the LadyBug Shop!

Last week the LadyBug Shop had some very special guests. Mid-day last Wednesday four sisters arrived together, all wearing their special ladybug t-shirts that they had made themselves. Each t-shirt was a different color, with a large L and a ladybug on the front. And on the back they had written each of their nicknames. They were Joan Santa Maria (the “Good Sister” from Arizona), Cate Lanphier (the older “Bad Sister” from Florida), Ethel Manns (the younger “Bad Sister” from Pennsylvania and Delaware) and Peg Sodano (the “Baby Sister” from Pennsylvania). To compliment their attire they had painted their fingernails and toenails bright red with black dots.

And they brought with them their pets – a collection of small toy ladybugs that they had decked out in a variety of costumes they had made for them. The sisters gather once a year to spend time together and have a fun outing. A couple of years ago when they visited a casino they took along a toy ladybug to bring them luck. And that started a chain of events that led them to now consider themselves the ladybug sisters. They are a lively and fun group and we look forward to having them visit us again.

We love having visitors at the LadyBug Shop so please plan a trip and Come See Us.

The Ladybug Sisters' Pets

Ladybugs and Arbor Day

April 25, 2011

In 1854 Sterling Morton moved to a western frontier region located in what is now the state of Nebraska. There were virtually no trees on the plains of his new home, so he started planting them and encouraged his neighbors to do likewise. The trees flourished and provided shade, fuel and building materials, as well as much needed windbreaks to prevent soil erosion. In 1872, at Morton’s urging the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture initiated a holiday to plant trees on April 10. This was the first “Arbor Day” in the United States.

About one million trees were planted in Nebraska on that first Arbor Day. All states in the US now have an official Arbor Day. Most are observed in April, but a few states hold theirs in other months. National Arbor Day is celebrated on the last Friday in April.

Releasing ladybugs is a great way to celebrate Arbor Day. Ladybugs are a natural form of pest control as they eat aphids and other pests that damage plants. This video shows children at an elementary school in Arizona celebrating Arbor Day in this manner. If you come to Milford next Saturday, April 30, you can help us release ladybugs as part of our annual Bud & Bug Festival when we celebrate Delaware’s official state bug and Arbor Day. Stop by the LadyBug Shop to pick up your package of FREE Live Ladybugs, while supplies last!

Top Ten Ladybug Facts

February 18, 2011

Rhonda BondGiven how many blogs and magazine articles are titled “Top 10 ….” it appears that many people love to read lists. If you are one of these, I found a good one for you about ladybugs. On the website is an article titled “10 Cool Facts About Ladybugs”. And they are pretty cool facts. I found it especially interesting to learn that ladybugs bleed from their knees when threatened! On this web page you can find (at the bottom) some links to other interesting ladybug related websites. Read more fun Ladybug Facts and Fantasies at the LadyBug Shop website.

Once you have memorized all these cool facts about ladybug, wear a pair of our ladybug slippers to strike up a conversation and show how smart you are!

DIY Ladybug Gift Box

February 9, 2011

Zoe Stewart
Do It Yourself Ladybug Gift Box by NuNu Toolies is an easy to do adorable craft. The Ladybug Gift Box is perfect for birthday party favors, baby shower favors, small Valentine’s Day Gifts and much more! Click here for instructions.

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Ladybug Gifts

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DIY Ladybug Gift Box

January 26, 2011

Zoe Stewart Delaware

Do It Yourself Ladybug Gift Box by NuNu Toolies is an easy to do adorable craft. The Ladybug Gift Box is perfect for birthday party favors, baby shower favors, small Valentine’s Day Gifts and much more! Click here for instructions.

No time to make your own ladybug gift box? LadyBug Shop carries the Ladybug & Hearts Candy Gift Box. We also carry a large line of Ladybug Party Supplies, Valentine’s Day Gifts and more!
Ladybug Gift Box

Take a look at our large collection of ladybug gifts at

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Zoe Stewart Delaware

Our Personalized Items at the LadyBug Shop are handpainted by local artist Michele Keens, Owner of My Bambino. These superb gifts are keepsake treasures. The Little Childrens’ Personalized Rocking Chair is sized just right for children ages 1-6. Canadian crafted of solid maple. Sure to be used and then treasured beyond childhood. The Personalized Rocking Chair comes fully assembled. Several different designs are available on the Classic White Rocking Chair.

This item was recently listed on Oprah’s Must Have Gifts List, better known as the “O” List!
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Personalized Rocking Chair on Oprah's Gift List

The LadyBug Shop–and we expect all ladybug lovers–hope that the kids in Tamara McKeiley’s second grade class are successful in their effort to get the state legislature of North Dakota to honor the ladybug by declaring it the state’s official insect.
We think they have a great case, especially given their focus on the beneficial impact of ladybugs on the state’s agriculture. If their effort is successful North Dakota will join the states of Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennesee is so honoring our favorite insect. See for a list of all the official stat insects.

The story of how the ladybug became Delaware’s official state bug in 1973 is related in photos and records on the LadyBug Shop website.